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I love how these recent discoveries, although used for thousands of years in various cultures, are now picking up momentum and helping people become stronger, healthier and have more faith in the natural healing power of their body. 

Cordyceps - medicinal mushrooms

The use of Cordyceps -  mushroom root - dates back to ancient China, where they utilized it to strengthen the body after a long period of illness. In China, Cordyceps is one of the most valued traditional medicines. It's a natural detox supplement shown to be a healthy natural immune supporter, adrenal health enhancer, free radical scavenger, help with healthy vascular function, helps with boosting energy during the day and also speeds up the recovery time for athletes. Personally, I discovered these "magic mushrooms" when I got the flu and on day 4 of my sickness took the "Four Sigmatic" Mushroom elixir mix with hot water, and suddenly my body felt stronger to beat the viral infection all on its own. Which way of taking it in is really up to you, I have the elixir mix and the supplements, that I take one month on 2 months off. Very good for people with low energy, low immune system, low endurance, smokers and for someone who needs brain energy for long periods of focus and concentration. Click on each image to read more and order the one you prefer most!

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