What is RCA?

Let us assume you had a traumatic event either at work or in your personal life, whether it was a psycho-boss or a relationship break-up, a loss of a loved one or abuse growing up from an overpowering parent. "Time heals" they say...but it doesn't. In the event where you felt a strong emotion, your body has taken that negative emotion and has made it part of the body. Over some time, this energy in motion (e-motion) is weakening your body and the particular organ tissue at target. With time it can bring about a chronic health issue.


So no time doesn't heal.    


Emotional Organs

Root Cause Analysis Health Coaching is an advanced method to help you identify the ROOT reason of your chronic health issue, negative behavioral patterns and mental obstacles.

90% of chronic health issues come from unresolved emotions. 

You may have let go of that emotional memory, but no matter how long ago it was – your body still holds that memory and the emotion associated with it – in a specific organ tissue. And that organ tissue either dysfunctions or weakens over time, giving you signals of despair, in other words a specific chronic health issue: Hypothyroidsim, Hashimoto's, Asthma, Kidney Stones, High BP, Diabetes, PCOS, Arthritis or mental obstacles such anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, brain fog. 

You attend to it through either traditional or even alternative medicine, and it seems to have worked but it keeps reappearing again…and that is because the Root Cause of the organ tissue was not just your poor lifestyle, poor diet or genes, but the Root Cause was that EVENT left the organ tissue with a memory and a negative emotion.