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Recalibrate ME -
8 week intensive, group program
Coming SOON. Join the waiting list.

Many think that they can only benefit from individual therapy, yet in a group environment, which is focused and composed, the growth is faster and the learnings are broader as exposed to many more perspectives. My intention with this newly launched program is to deepen the healing and the recalibration for a group of individuals. 


In this concentrated 8-week period, you will be exposed to triggering topics, topics that have touched every single person in one way or another. You may spend a lot more time and money trying to process one issue on your own, yet with a group of like minded individuals and me, the returning to yourself, the recalibration process will be more effective and profound. 


By the end of the 8 weeks, you will feel strong, light, empowered, equipped and most of all aligned with your TRUTH and your VALUES. And living from that space is always a lot more joyful, navigating through the various experiences of life with a lot more observation and neutrality. Totally recalibrated. 

Every week carries a theme (see below). In the 2-hr session, I will share personal teachings and reflections on the topic, coach 2-3 people, and give out lifestyle prescriptions to anchor the learnings.  


Week ONE

Anxiety, Depression, Sickness are my friends

The root causes of ailments, change of perspectives, releasing the tension, falling in love with yourself again.  

Week TWO

The Lost Unheard Child

The uploading of limiting thoughts, beliefs, fears onto the perfectly clean hard drive, adaptation of various survival/defence strategies, moving away from authenticity and losing connection with yourself. Let us recalibrate and reconnect. 

Woman in Lotus Pose


Broken Boundaries

Inability to say no, people pleaser trait, sexual abuse, physical abuse, betrayal, abuse of authority -  how to forgive, to truly let go on a cellular level (on a level that your body feels the freedom), and build your boundaries of love and respect.  


Loss of a Loved One

Traumatic loss, break ups, divorces. How to deal with it, how to invite conscious grieving and how to grow out of pain and into the space of love.

Yoga on the Beach_edited.jpg
Meditation Class


Cracking the Habit Formula

What are habits? How to use them to serve us? How to build the right lifestyle for you?

Week SIX

My Truth

Who are you? How is your truth supported today? Who are the people that surround you? How to live a life aligned to your truth?

Yoga Class
Practising Yoga by the Sea_edited.jpg


My Values

Redefining your values, adapting today's lifestyle and future decisions to your core values.


Kundalini Yoga Class, Reflections & Closure

Kundalini Yoga practice, meditation, sharing circle,

last words. 

Yoga Class
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