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Your healing starts now...

On a Video Call

30 Minutes Intro Call

In this complementary 30 min call I get a chance to understand your current state, feel your energy and readiness to transform. 

And you get a chance to understand whether my coaching style is what you need.


From March 14th 2022 I will no longer be holding the 30 minute Calls or taking clients on for the 3-month program as I am going on leave from June 2022 until November 2022. To get onto the waiting list for November 2022 please send an email to 

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Breakthrough Session

The 90min Breakthrough Session, which is either done online or face to face if you live in Dubai, is a great way to remove the initial layer of fog.


A fog that may represent various negative emotions like sadness, anger, hurt or feelings of insecurities or anxiety but you're not quite sure where they reside within the body or what is really the Root Cause of them.


In this first session we help to reduce quite substantially the emotion at target. 


Similarly if you come with a physical ailment in this initial breakthrough we can really quite swiftly identify the root cause of that particular organ dysfunction. 

One can only book the breakthrough session once, after which it is really better to sign up to the 3-month program in order to feel the transformation within the body as well as the mind. 

The cost of the 90min Breakthrough session is AED850.

To book please send email to

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Mind Body Organ Solution

3-Month Program

Once you have understood the concept of Root Cause Analysis Health Coaching (read here) and are ready to upgrade your life and relieve the body of unnecessary emotions and pain, please consider this program. Either done online or in-person if you live in Dubai. 

What does it include? 

 90 Minute sessions, every 2 weeks along with in-between session support when necessary.​

 Addressing the root cause of chronic illnesses, which resides in the unresolved emotions from the past. 

Bringing those unresolved emotions to surface and using various techniques to process them: Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Quantum Neurobiology (QNB), Reframing, Value Elicitation 

Rituals introduced to anchor the transformation: Kundalini Yoga, Diet, Lifestyle, Journaling, reading list


Post 3-months you will be transformed to the level that you are ready.


Full Payment: AED4,750

Payment Plan: 4 instalments of AED1,300 every 4 weeks.  

Please note this program will be closed from March 14th until November 1st 2022. To express interest and to be the first to know once it is open please send an email to

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