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Nigora comes from a beautiful mountainous country in Central Asia – Tajikistan. 90% of the country are mountains, with very large water reserves from the glaciers and the capital being Dushanbe, which is 800m above sea level.

Born in March 1989, her family had to leave their homeland due to the complications of the Soviet Union break out, and Nigora grew up in Moscow.

Today, as a global citizen, she is still very much connected to her Central Asian heritage and very proud of the ancient and colorful history she has been born out of.



“My calling has been and always will be to be the channel to one’s transformation.”

Education & Work

Primary education was spent in a public school in Moscow, followed by 5 years of secondary school in Epsom College, Surrey, England. Nigora studied International Business and Mandarin in the University of Edinburgh, and has spent one of her best years of life in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
Having spent only 3 years in the corporate life in Dubai, Nigora set off on the journey of self-healing & internal growth to find success outside of the walls of societal expectations. At the age of 25 she realized her purpose and since then has been persistently on that path against all odds. 

Published Books

"Wake Up!"

by Nigora Normatova, a motivating read to say goodbye to old unhealthy eating habits that rob you of energy and make you ill. This book provides a step-by-step 5-week program to lead you to a completely new diet and lifestyle - Nigora style! 

"The Palace Within You"

by Nigora Normatova, an educational book and guide on how to detox your home and truly start repairing and re-energizing in the space of your own home. Starting from the ingredients in your kitchen to chemical products in your home, empower yourself with knowledge to take the right decisions. 


Kundalini Yoga has been divinely timed for personal growth, strong cultivation of gratitude in life and also re-establishing her connection to Islam.

Nigora has an avid self-practice that helps her stay in her power and close to her values. Fully devoted to our Creator, even Nigora's coaching sessions help people find their way back to God and deepen their faith, no matter the religion.

Coaching Expert

Today Nigora lives in Dubai, is a full time Root Cause Analysis Coach, has an incredible team who relentlessly support Eat The Sun Global in it’s expansion and is continuing her growth inwards finding jewels of wisdom deep within.

Beauty Advocate

Having completely stopped wearing make up in November 2018 and becoming a Face Fitness Trainer, Nigora has taken on a big task to change what the word Beauty means. Everyone is beautiful, and if you don’t see it or don’t feel it then your beauty is dormant within and all you need is a pair of clean hands and some natural products. Nigora founded the online platform Eat The Sun Beauty and is cultivating the idea of natural graceful ageing through the practice of Face Fitness and other natural techniques.

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