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What's my story?


I originally come from Tajikistan. I was born in the 1989, right at the end of the Soviet Union era, and my parents felt the name "Nigora" would suit me in the time I was born in, because my name means "vision". They lived in an oppressed era, and felt that from now on, with the birth of their youngest 3rd daughter, they will see and experience the world in a different light. And they did. 

When I was 2, we had to leave Tajikistan due to the civil war that had began and moved to Moscow, where I was brought up until I was 13 years old. I have very fond memories of my time in Moscow and always see that place as my home, as somewhere I would eventually settle in. 


The adventures of travelling only just began then...I was sent to a boarding school in Surrey, England where I spent 5 years absorbing the British culture at a core level, eventually graduating from University of Edinburgh in 2011. I studied International Business and Mandarin, which allowed me to travel and study abroad for my 3rd year of the degree. 

I spent 3 months in Taiwan, doing an internship with a government agency, moved to Hong Kong for 4 months to study Business in HKU and then ended my trip in Kunming, China where I lived for 6 months studying Mandarin and then eventually teaching English in Mandarin to little kids and teenagers. These were the toughest yet best months in my still developing life.


After I graduated, I was trying myself in different industries from logistics to restaurant management to private equity to IVF to various other start ups. And it was when I turned 25 that I realised I am not living the life I want. I am not the person I want to be or envisioned when I was little. I fell into a deep trap of sadness, misery and pain. Pain all over my body - the pain nobody could explain, not even the medical industry. 


Until I was advised to carry out a detox and learn to love myself. "Detox?" "Love myself??" Words non-existent in my vocabulary, had no idea what detox meant and the idea of loving thyself sounded so self-centered and arrogant. 


I remember the day I was reborn and life started again, as if it was yesterday. May 25th 2014 - from that day on wards life turned into HD quality with lots of color, deep experiences and with a body stronger than ever.  

What did I change? I adopted conscious eating habits, more movement, more free-writing, surrounded myself with like-minded people and started loving and respecting myself more and more. When the transformation within me happened, I thought to myself: "I must share this message with the world!" And this is when I started my studies to become a Certified Health Coach, a course which allowed me to become a stronger brighter person for all the people I was about to help and transform. 

Later on I got my Yoga and Personal Trainer qualifications and finally teach Face Fitness as one of my favourite hobbies.

I published my first book "Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on your health" in February 2017, followed by the German version of it in February 2018. I even traveled to Germany and Austria for the book tour to talk to hundreds of people about health, in GERMAN!

Today I work with clients individually, organise international retreats and plan to write and publish more books. 

Life is a real treat now, and it can only get better. I am so thankful to my strong body for allowing me to do all these things that I do, and allowing me to shine bright every day. I love my work and cannot get enough of it!

What is Eat The Sun?

In September 2014, I was looking for a name which summarises my work, my message and my belief. I went into my meditation to seek for an answer and woke up with the perfect name Eat The Sun. 

Eat The Sun follows three main principles:


1] Eat more foods grown by the Sunlight.

2] Activate your body in the rays of the Sun.

3] Illuminate from within: be happy.


Eat The Sun philosophy is to provide a holistic approach when assisting someone to find their way back to balance. It is through proper nutrition, daily light exercises, proper breathing and meditation that we can STRENGTHEN our body, and only when it's strong and healthy this can build a foundation for a HAPPY life. 

By holding your hand through your first small steps towards a healthier lifestyle, Eat The Sun takes you on a transformational journey to re-energize and live, truly live.

Logo Nigora Final.jpg

"Once you realize

that you create the experience of your ENTIRE LIFE

by what you eat, you will TRANSFORM."

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