Presented by Nigora Normatova,
Root Cause Analysis Practitioner & Health Coach, Author,
Entrepreneur, Public Speaker 

Nigora has 7 years of Health Coaching experience, graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and currently doing her Masters and PhD at Lifestyle Prescriptions University in Root Cause Analysis Health Coaching. She has helped hundreds of people bring their lifestyle into balance, relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic health issues and empower them with tools to regain control of their life. 

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Root Cause Analysis Health Coaching is an advanced method to help you identify the ROOT reason of your chronic health issue, negative behavioural patterns and mental challenges.


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Last November my gynecologist diagnosed a polyp in my uterus and my first question was: Can it go away on its own? The answer was NO, it’s better to be removed( the most common treatment in these cases is surgery). Something inside me was telling me that we can heal ourselves without such aggressive methods but how? Nigora showed me the way; with her knowledge she accompanied me, guided and gave me tools in my journey of introspection towards my 46 years of life, experiences, feelings, traumas…. And guess what? After half a year the polyp had disappeared. She made me understand the intrinsic organ-psyche-brain connection. Her work and help is priceless; I’m so lucky for having fallen into her hands!

Sonia M.