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Presented by Nigora Normatova,
Root Cause Analysis Health Coach, Writer, 
Speaker, Author of two books, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Nigora has 8 years of Coaching experience, with a specialty in helping to release emotional trauma from the past and find balance in the present. She graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has done the Root Cause Analysis Coaching with Lifestyle Prescriptions University. She has helped hundreds of people bring their lifestyle into balance, relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic health issues and empower them with tools to regain control of their life. 

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Using various methods, I get to the Root Cause of your mental or physical concern. Once the reason is identified we float through different processes to loosen the negative charge in the body and mind, and open our eyes to numerous other perspectives and truths. 

Hide and Seek


Face Fitness is an art to keep your skin radiant, taut and healthy. Just like you exercise your body, you need to exercise the 37 muscles in your face.

I have put together an online course for you with facial exercises, best facial massage techniques, nutrition and clean skin products. 

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Awaken the power within

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice which helps to awaken your power within. Through the physical practice, meditations and chanting we recalibrate your system to be more aligned physically, energetically and spiritually. Join my weekly classes in the garden or online, and enjoy the experience.  


Working with Nigora has significantly changed my life through her expertise, dedication and passion. I have had a chronic digestive condition for over a decade even though I live a very healthy lifestyle. I have already received huge and long lasting results in a short span of time working with Nigora and see the improvement of my day to day life, energy levels, physical and emotional health. I now know my body more than I ever have and know what works for me (and does not). She is extremely present, adaptable and conscious. She is the type of person I could really speak about anything with, she is compassionate and also holds discipline for you when it is needed : I was able to break some very old habits and also get guidance around other areas of my life thanks to her support. I would highly recommend this programme alongside all of her other offerings as it brings through healing on many different levels. Thank you Nigora!!!

Mariam Al Q

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